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Artist Statement

       Through the vast possibilities of color, line and form, I create abstract paintings that materialize the flowing complex of decisions I make.  Paint lends itself well to the immediacy and flexibility of my open-ended and responsive making process.  As I create, I am in a constant conversation with the canvas. I experiment with changes in opacity, texture and viscosity by employing techniques such as pouring, dripping, scraping, and mark making. My process guides me into a combination of possibilities within the constraints of the materiality of paint. 

      I think both fast and slow.  Through quick, intuitive responses and reflective musing, an organic fluidity develops, creating movement and rhythm across the whole composition that gradually emerges as a visual map of my decision-making process. I respond in the moment of making through a dialogue with the materials I use, as well as with the history of painting. I am departing from a western tradition that attempts to find finite explanations to the nature of reality.  Through the use of vibrant color combinations, energetic gestures, and layering, I want to embrace and celebrate the idea that there is no single, static answer.  But, rather, an exciting interplay between innumerable sets of possibilities that constantly become and transform.

     This process is in continual formation.  It consists of a tension between seemingly opposed mindsets: conscious and instinctive, free and restricted, continuous and disrupted, characterized by difference and sameness.  The indefinite path I pursue, takes innumerable detours to arrive at a place of harmony: a visual atlas — a series of decisions made in response to the moment, as well as to the history of painting and the materials I engage with.

I hope you enjoy, and I encourage you to let the visual rhythms guide your mind through evolving interpretations...

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